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A pleasure to meet you!

Lilly RoseLuxury Visual Artist & South Africa's Premiere Fashion Illustrator
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
― Coco Chanel

Inside Lilly Rose Studio

Your brand, business or blog is in the lifestyle or fashion industry?

I create luxury & fashion-themed art, which is used for marketing, social media or lifestyle products. My clients seek to stand out from today’s visual overflow and want to increase the business success of their products and services. It is my passion as a Luxury Visual Artist and South Africa’s Premiere Fashion Illustrator, to help you grow your brand leadership! My specialty are Live Sketch Events, where guests or shopping clients get to take their individual portrait home.

I grew up in the offices of my parents’ design company and drew ever since I remember. At age 16, I published my first commission for a large newspaper (which turned into a long term collaboration) and won several art competitions over the years. I started my own fashion blog back in 2009, headed the graphic team of a print magazine and learned the daily hustle and bustle of a fashion agency. Originally rooted in Germany, I have lived in several fantastic countries, before I recently moved to Stellenbosch, South Africa. Thanks to my fashion blogger past, I am routinely on top of the latest developments in the global fashion & lifestyle community. I have a background in media publishing, online advertising and social media strategies, which makes me the perfect partner for the marketing goals of your brand, business or blog!

I create my art with a special assortment of colours and papers, which are imported from the leading manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. My materials are the most expensive art supplies in their category and are produced for professionals in the art and design industry. At my studio, all artwork is drawn and colourised by hand at the initial stage. Only the best for the best!

Email me today to spark a collaboration you will love! Just send me a message or request to be called under your office number to start the conversation at

I am looking forward to make your vision a reality! ❤

~ Lilly Rose ~

(Portraits by Bronwyn Tod.)

Little Secrets about me

  • I can understand you in English, German, French and Spanish.
  • I collect evening gowns in all colours of the rainbow. (Let’s call it Cinderella Syndrome, you never know when you are suddenly invited to a VIP-event!)
  • My life starts with a large mug of coffee every morning. In winter I add a little cinnamon.
  • My parents met in art school and started a design company together… too sweet, right? 🙂
  • There can never be too many earrings, throw pillows or champagne bottles in my home!
  • I started dancing at age 3 and continued throughout university. There is just magic to being out there in a sparkly outfit!^^
  • Showing my drawings to anybody was not an option in earlier years (I was very shy). Today I clearly take pride in my skills.
  • I always wished to have a nickname, but all my aunt ever came up with was “princess”. Not very practical… (However, she still calls me like that.)
  • I lived (and worked) in London, Rome, Cape Town and in a desert town in the Middle East in recent years. Love living in exciting places!
  • I am a proud 1,82 m (6 ft). Can you picture me searching for pants with the right length? (Maybe that’s why I prefer dresses).
  • I travel with very little luggage and I LOVE to discover new places. Travelling opens our eyes for the beauty of this world!
  • I always notice how women around me dress, style their hair or do their make up… they might just be the inspiration for my next project!

Fashion-inspired art for marketing, social media and lifestyle products. Connect to your ideal client audience!

I am available to collaborate worldwide with brands in fashion, luxury, beauty or lifestyle.

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Promote your brand, business or blog with fashion-inspired artwork ❤

Just send me a message or a request to be called under your office number to start the conversation at
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