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For Luxury, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Lilly Rose
Lilly RoseLuxury Visual Artist & South Africa's Premiere Fashion Illustrator
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
― Coco Chanel

Your brand serves clients in the luxury, fashion or lifestyle field. The expectations for quality and purchase experience are high end. Your clients are interested in new trends and seek to live a glamorous lifestyle.

Fashion-inspired art can be successfully incorporated into marketing and advertising campaigns. Many options exist to express your brand in a classical, yet stylish and avant-garde way:

  • Online & Offline advertising campaigns
  • Social media posts or special occasion promotions
  • Outdoor displays (billboards, digital boards or walls of buildings)
  • Signage in stores or for events
  • Decoration of store windows, special promotion areas or fashion shows
  • Packaging of products and shopping bags
  • Editorial illustrations (in magazines, brochures, catalogues)
  • Live events (exhibitions for new product lines, store launches, VIP events)
  • Live-drawing of fashion portraits (for a selected group of clients)

Fashion-inspired art has been used in the past to decorate lavish hotel rooms, airplanes and the floors of exclusive swimming pools. Each brand decides individually on the perfect way to impress their ideal customers and exceed their expectations. If you have a trusted go-to agency, I am happy to liaise with them and incorporate designs into existing brand strategy concepts.

Please send me a message or request to be called under your office number to start the conversation at

I am looking forward to hear how I can make your vision a reality!

Lilly Rose

I want to speak to you!

Lilly Rose, Luxury Visual Artist and Fashion Illustrator

My clients seek to stand out from today’s visual overflow and want to increase their business success with fashion-inspired artwork for their products and services.
I want to speak to you!