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Purple Fairy Gala Dream

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Project Description

Glamorous handmade artwork stands out against the endless streams of photos which clients, readers or followers get to see every day. Therefore, custom art is a great strategy to differentiate your brand online and offline.

Inspiration: Usually the client already has an idea in which direction they would like to go. I work with their creative briefs or also develop concepts from scratch. I have a background in media publications, online advertising and social media marketing. This experience allows me to understand how to fulfil my client’s goals or PR intention in the best way.

My Process: Handmade, unique and glamorous is the art style I am going for. Everything starts with rough sketches, which are sent to the client for feedback. At this stage, the general concept can still be newly interpreted or led into a slightly different direction.

Final stage: After the client has approved the pre-sketch (or sketches), I complete the artwork by applying the colours and creating a web or print ready image file in the desired size (or sizes). If wished, I am happy to contribute to the marketing strategy of my clients by also sharing the collaboration via my mailing list and my social media channels.

Connect to me at to learn about the different possibilities and to tell me about your project ideas!

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