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For Fashion Bloggers and Style Influencers

Lilly Rose
Lilly RoseLuxury Visual Artist & South Africa's Premiere Fashion Illustrator
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
― Coco Chanel

You run a successful fashion or lifestyle blog with worldwide reach. Your followers look up to you as a fashion icon and you seek to inspire them with the latest trends and selections of new styles. You collaborate with large brands and sponsors and work to present yourself as professional as possible at all times.

Fashion-inspired art can serve to broaden your online influence in multiple ways and assist to establish you as a leader in the global fashion community:

  • Website illustrations (Blog header, portrait, custom widgets, newsletter)
  • Social Media Accounts (Profile styling, dedicated posts, special occasions)
  • Styling of Media & Advertising kit
  • Branding for blog business cards
  • Editorial illustrations (e.g. you publish a book or ebook under your name)
  • Event promotion materials (e.g. you host a blogger event under your name)
  • For personal use (for your vanity, walk in wardrobe or blog office)

You alone decide if you would like to have your fashion artwork as part of your blog design, in your walk in wardrobe or just where you can see it when you work on your blog business. If you collaborate with a PR agency or a dedicated web designer, I am happy to liaise with them and incorporate your design into existing web or promotion concepts.

Please send me a message to start the conversation at

I am looking forward to hear how I can make your vision a reality!

Lilly Rose

I want to speak to you!

Lilly Rose, Luxury Visual Artist and Fashion Illustrator

Get your followers and competitors to admire your unique style. Own a fashion portrait of yourself to round up your portfolio as a blogger icon!
I want to speak to you!